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iwGATE - Intelliware Management System (IMS)

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About Intelliware Solutions Company

Intelliware Solutions Company is a developer and integrator of Communications and Information Technology solutions.
Having a great experience in hardware and software, IWSC produces:
  • Intelligent devices for remote measuring, monitoring and control using cellular or terestrial networks
  • Intelligent secure data communication devices
  • Software communications applications
  • Services management systems


Intelliware Solutions Company wants to bring new communication solutions and technologies in day by day activity in order to ease and improve it.


We believe that the world is in a continuous change, and the technology progress helps beneficiaries evolve.
Our vision is to make new technologies accesible and easy to use to clients and to charm them with the offered growing and development potential.


Our strategy is to listen to our clients and to understand their needs, in order to make the difference.
Our method consists in involving M2M communication and IWSC solutions in innovative ways accessible to our clients for them to benefits from the products power to satisfy their needs, adding value to their customers.


IWSC works and acts having strong principles as fundament.
  • Performance - we like innovation and we outrun our expectations
  • Involvement - we solve problems and we fulfill our pledges
  • Attention - we preen ourself on all we do
  • Community - we work as a team, we build relations and we value differences

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