The characteristics of IWSC shared hosting plans
All IWSC shared hosting plans have the same characteristics.
The only limitation of the IWSC shared web hosting plans is storage space. Once chosen the desired plan, you can use the storage space to host ANYTHING (unlimited domains and subdomains, unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited databases of any kind, unlimited FTP accounts, etc).
Server platform
PHP v7.1.10 Apache v2.0.52
Domains characteristics
Domains: unlimited
Subdomains: unlimited
Domain pointers: unlimited
Subdomain pointers: unlimited
Caracteristici E-mail
Mailboxes: unlimited
SPAM Filter:
Virus Filter:
E-mail aliases: unlimited
POP3 mailboxes:
IMAP mailboxes:
SMTP server:
Catch-all mailbox:
Security characteristics
Secure POP3 (SSL):
Secure IMAP (SSL):
SMTP with authentification:
Shared SSL certificate:
Dedicated SSL certificate: optional
Development characteristics
CGI scripting:
GD library:
Tomcat support:
Zend Optimizer:
Other characteristics
Real time informations on traffic:
Web-based file manager:
Storage space manager:
CRON manager: